President: Prof. Ezio Puppin

Vice President: Prof. Paolo Mariani


Administrative Council:

* Prof. Ezio Puppin
* Prof. Paolo Mariani
* Prof. Raffaele Velotta
* Prof. Maurizio Canepa
* Prof. Flavio Seno


Scientific Council:

* Prof. Stefano Ruffo (Expert of theoretical and computational activities)
* Prof. Giacomo Ghiringhelli (Expert of large scale research facilities)
* Prof. Paolo Vavassori (Expert of technology transfer)
* Prof. Enrico Santamato (Thematic area 1: Optics, atoms, molecules and plasmas)
* Prof. Roberto Piazza (Thematic area 2: Fluids, liquids, soft and biological matter)
* Prof. Pietro Carretta (Thematic area 3: Solids and nanostructures)



* Dott. Luca Palamara
* Prof. Alessandro Pini Prato

The Assembly, in which each Unversitity associated to teh Consortium is represented, operates according to art. 10 of the Statute.