Thematic Areas

Thematic Areas from 2011

The Thematic Nets of CNISM will develop activities in the Thematic Areas listed below during the 2011-2013 period. With respect to the previous three year period, the Thematic Areas 1 and 2 are unchanged while the Areas 3 and 4 have been merged into a single group:

Thematic Area 1: Optics, atoms, molecules and plasmas.

Scientific Contents: Photonics, Atom optics. Optoelectronics. Nonlinear and quantum optics. Micro and nano optics. Quantum information. Metrology. Plasmas. Atomic and molecular systems. Degenerate gases of bosons and fermions.

Thematic Area 2: Fluids, liquids, soft and biological matter.

Scientific Contents: Structure and dynamic of simple fluids. Complexity. Bio-systems. Soft matter and hybrid systems. Molecular and cellular bio-physics. Biological nanstructures. Disordered materials.

ThematicArea 3: Solids and nanostructures.

Scientific Contents: Metallic and magnetic materials and meta-materials. Superconducting materials. Technology of magnetic materials and superconductors: devices and sensors. Interfaces and nanostructures of metallic materials, superconductors, magnetic and hybrid materials. Magneto-transport. Semiconductor and insulating materials and metamaterials. Semiconductor technology: devices and sensors. Interfaces and nanostructures formed by composite semiconductors and insulators. Spintronics.