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Research activity

The research activity has focused on the application of nonlinear dynamics methods to some discrete and continuous systems (small and extended Josephson junctions, respectively). In fact a Josephson junction is a superconducting device whose current-voltage characteristic is strongly nonlinear, therefore the analysis of circuits with Josephson junctions cannot be performed with the traditional linear analysis techniques. A special emphasis has been given to the synchronization of non identical oscillators because of the relevance that such topic has in many applications: possible applications of Josephson junctions require a power lager of the power available from a single junction. Therefore a critical point is to realize the conditions to synchronize different junctions, or oscillators with different natural frequencies, a problem of general interest in many fields. Also chaotic phenomena have been investigated because chaos can be a significant noise source in practical devices (high frequency amplifiers, microwave generators), thus degrading the performances.

The research activity, although has been performed mostly with theoretical and numerical techniques, has been strongly oriented towards the experiments. The methods of nonlinear dynamics have been employed for the understanding of physical phenomena, rather than for their interest per se.

The experience developed in the dynamics of Josephson junctions has been applied to the modeling of high Tc materials that can be viewed either as discrete systems consisting of superconducting islands interacting via Josephson junctions (granular superconductors) or can be viewed as stacks of extended Josephson junctions interacting via the magnetic field (the Sakai-Bodin-.Pedersen model of BSCCO).

The problem of synchronization of nonlinear oscillators has also been tackled in a completely different context, i.e. in the analysis of the dynamics of Bose-Einstein condensates in presence of an oscillating confinement potential.

Finally the methods of nonlinear dynamics have been applied, together with researchers in economics, to formulate a production function and to model the competition among different technologies, to account for the long life of old, or surpassed, technologies (a phenomenon known as “sailing ship effect”).

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